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Two people who have been married, either in Ontario or in a foreign jurisdiction, and are now separated may be eligible to obtain a divorce in Ontario. This sort of claim always requires the involvement of the courts. Generally, one party must be ordinarily resident in Ontario to make an application in this province.

 While a divorce may trigger a series of other claims, in some cases a simple divorce is all that is required. In these cases, the most common ground for obtaining a divorce, under the Divorce Act, is that two parties have been living separate and apart for a year or more. It is also possible, though uncommon, to obtain a divorce in cases of adultery, or of physical or mental cruelty.

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It is very important to obtain good legal advice before proceeding with a divorce. Sometimes a divorce is impossible to obtain without first making other arrangements, for example with respect to child support. In addition, once a divorce order is made, it may be more difficult or impossible after a certain amount of time to deal with other issues such as property.

The experienced lawyers at Woolcott Krashinsky LLP can assist you by giving you focused advice on this issue that is relevant to your specific situation.

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