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Wolcott Krashinsky Law handles all aspects of family law including divorce, property division, spousal and child support and more. We provide prompt, effective advocacy to ensure your rights are taken seriously and are dealt with in a fair and just manner.

Family Law is a complex area of law, and can describe a wide variety of situations and claims. Many people may have issues which require the assistance of a skilled family lawyer. These people may be married or common-law, or may never have lived together at all. Some have children together and some do not. Some may wish to make claims with respect to debts or property. Here are some of the family law issues that the professionals at Woolcott Krashinsky LLP can help you navigate.

Family Law Services 


Two people who have been married, either in Ontario or in a foreign jurisdiction, and are now separated may be eligible to obtain a divorce in Ontario.  

Property Division


Under the Family Law Act, when two people who are legally married and have separated, either party may make a claim for the division or equalization of property.

Spousal Support

Since the law views spousal relationships as financial relationships, when a marriage or cohabitation has ended, the person with more income or assets may have to pay support to the other spouse.

Custody, Access & Parenting Plans

A separation or divorce can be difficult and emotionally stressful life event. When children are involved and parents cannot agree on appropriate care arrangements, these stressors can quickly become overwhelming.

Child Support

Both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. If your child is not primarily living with you, you have an obligation to pay support to the child’s primary care-giver.

Child Protection Law 

In Ontario, child protection matters are governed by the Child and Family Services Act. This Act sets out the manner in which child protective services are provided in Ontario.

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